The art of Lenore R.S. Lim is exceptionally noteworthy because of the integration of craft that is control of technique and aesthetic sensibility. It is a fusion that every artist strives for but which eludes most. This is because control of technique can be taught to many who have the manual dexterity, neither of which require any sensibility. And how often do we encounter the highly sensitive individual who lacks discipline and control of the manual craft? Even to the casual observer, this elusive mix of skill and feeling is readily felt in Lenore’s printmaker’s art.

The viewer will recognize a variety of techniques usedt by Lenore. This aspect of work is executed alternately with crispness or fluidity of printed form, as the artistic syntax demands, that the trained eye associates with superb mastery of the technical process. Lenore’s sensitivity in the interpretation of forms in nature approaches a sensibility of religious awe. Indeed, Kierkegaard remarked, “…all great art is religious, although what would pass for both is neither.” Her wonder of the beauty of it all is conveyed by her ability to denude mere technique of its impersonality and make it an instrument of her feeling.

In addition to this sense of cosmic awe when confronted with nature, the artist attempts to convey the local nuances of ambiance: shape, color, and animistic evocativeness unique to the wetlands, inlets, straits and bays, the mountains abruptly rising from variegated foliage and misty auroras found only in the interplay of sea, earth, sun and sky in the alchemy of thousands of island called the Philippines.

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